Monday, September 12, 2011

A Very Short Record Heatwave

Seattle, where I live, is not a city noted for heat. Or cold. Or anything weather wise but clouds and slow steady rain. This is unjust, in that normally we have the best summers imaginable: long sunny days where the sky is punctuated by light clouds and breezes from the Sound, going on and on for months. This summer was an exception, and we have labored, most days, under hazy clouds, or with "highs" in the upper 60s. It has been a long, dull season. Until September came in, that is. Suddenly we had a summer, for a bit more than a week at least: 9 days with temperatures over 80. This may not seem like much, but it pretty much beats all the rest of 2011, and it bested our longest streak of over 80 in September by 1 day.

This would be completely unworthy of mention except that I use a laptop to get work done. It's not a big thing, and it's pretty efficient and all that, but there's the problem that as I use it, it produces heat. Heat that just accumulates, and makes my already reasonably toasty apartment become more and more unbearable. I would have just set it aside more often this last week, and not worried about it, only it is crunch time here in Kindling Press Land, when we try our damnedest to get the 20001 Anthologie ready to go in time for the planned launch date of 9/14/11. And we're almost there, but it took me working more time with a hot computer near me, or on me, than I would have liked.

Today, blessed cool has returned. But by now, I'm almost done. I've got maybe an hour or two of work left. And I'm not going to be upset to do that work in the cooler weather, of course. But I wish that if the weather had to get hot, it had done it around our schedule. I mean, this anthologie, it's a big deal, right?

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