Thursday, September 15, 2011

Daily Vocabulary

road trip:A road trip is a journey via automobile, sometimes unplanned or impromptu. I love that there's a real definition for this. Road trips represent a quick freedom, a minor escape. They are in nature mainly American. We first invented the notion of taking yourself, a friend or the family, and driving along on horrid roads to camp here or there, see the great trees, the ocean, whatever it might be. I think we still have the culture most suited and dedicated to the notion of the road trip. If asked, I will almost always attempt to accompany on one. I don't drive, so I can't actually make one happen myself, but it is magnificent fun to see the world that way, windows down, sun in your eyes, endless little places with the same gas stations, same emptinesses between them, passing you by. The destination is almost incidental: a beach someplace too cold to splash into the surf, a view point, a petting zoo. It doesn't matter. For a road trip, the old saw about the journey being the destination is the truth.

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