Sunday, September 25, 2011

Daily Vocabulary

headache: a continuous pain, or, a thing which causes worry or trouble or is a problem. I don't know that the or is necessary in that definition. An actual headache causes worry or trouble enough. I have one, and have had one for the last several days (hence sporadic appearances of Daily Vocabulary, mea culpa). It causes me no end of worry and trouble: I wonder what it is, I wonder what it might be, and with the febrile imagination of a writer, I assume the worst at all times. Well, perhaps not the worst: I don't think there's an alien crawling around in my brain, and I don't think that Athena is ready to burst loose from me, but other than that, yeah, I've imagined it. Headaches have been with us for at least that long, since Athena gave Zeus his big one, and they show no sign of going anywhere just yet. Hopefully mine at least will depart soon. We'll see.

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