Friday, September 9, 2011

Daily Vocabulary

Sisyphean: an endless and repetitive labor, never to be completed. In Greek myth, Sisyphus was a terribly clever King who thought he could get away with anything, including spilling Zeus's secrets and tricking a wide variety of divine beings. It turned out that he was wrong. After his death (which he escaped from not once but twice) Zeus eventually had him tasked to roll a boulder to the top of a hill. Only when it got close to the top it would slip away, and roll back down the bottom, leaving the task uncompleted. Unlike poor Sisyphus, all of our works and tasks, no matter how long they might take, will eventually be completed. But at times it does not feel so. At times it feels like the whole hill stretches before you, and the boulder is very heavy indeed. Let us give it a shove, though, and see what we can do. The top isn't so far off as all that.

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