Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Roderick Simons and the Engine Impossible: A 20001 Teaser

Kindling Press is pleased to bring you the next teaser in our anthologie 20,001: A Steampunk Odyssey - Roderick Simons and the Engine Impossible!

Roderick Simons could be called many things, but a typical everyday genius isn't one of them. Known to the world as a brilliant young engineer, special orders came in to his Cape Canaveral workshop from across the globe. But nothing could have prepared him to be hired to do the impossible: to build a sailing vessel that could cross the Atlantic in less than twenty-four hours. Can Roderick's genius ignite his crew into achieving what could be both the greatest triumph and the biggest folly of his young career?

In this tale of Cape Canaveral long before it was the Space Coast, writer Selena M. McDevitt combines the romance of Victorian fiction with the wonder and excitement of new discoveries in a story that not only embodies the spirit of invention and mystery, but the timeless spirit of the Cape itself.

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