Friday, September 16, 2011

Airships, Authors and Ebooks (Oh My!)

Last night two Intrepid Authors essayed an odyssey of sorts in support of 20,001: A Steampunk Odyssey. Peter and Jason hitched up the hybrid electrovelocipede and hied themself to scenic Bellingham, Washingon, known to the world as The City of Subdued Excitement.

The suburb of Fairhaven is a hotbed of little shops, cafes, artists and above all, bookstores. It was to Village Books, a Fairhaven mainstay, that the two Intrepid Authors journeyed, there to partake of a gathering, nay, an Assemblage of August Personages of a Pro-Steam Sentiment. Organized by the lovely and talented Christina Claasen of Village Books, the event featured a Tesla coil demonstration (courtesy of the American Museum of Radio & Electricity), many fine members of the Bellingham Steampunk Society, and raffles for several fine books - including the not-to-be-released-until-October book Steampunk! This is especially fine, as the inimitable Cory Doctorow is among the authors (and the last link goes to his free story, Clockwork Fagin).

In this happy chaos of Steamkultur our Intrepid Authors shook many hands, traded barbs (and susans) with clever lads and lasses, and distributed Produckt in the form of literature: fliers for 20,001: A Steampunk Odyssey. There was a lot of interest, and discussions were had of a return to Village Books for a reading from the Anthologie later this fall.

Their travails completed, Our Heroes retired to The Archer Alehouse, a corner pub in Fairhaven, for a pint of the Author's Reward.

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