Friday, September 9, 2011

Full Fathom Five: A 20,001 Teaser

The tenth and final teaser for our upcoming anthologie is Full Fathom Five, a novella by Peter A. Smalley. 20,001: A Steampunk Odyssey releases on ebook next week, so look for that announcement!

Full Fathom Five, by Peter A. Smalley

The naval blockade of New Orleans has starved the city for years thanks to the Union's unmatched ironclad steamships. Now three contentious Confederate agents will risk everything to run the blockade in search of a secret weapon from across the sea that could turn the tide of the Civil War in the favor of the beleaguered South. But what they discover on that storm-tossed, tempestuous voyage will challenge their convictions and lay bare the darkest corners - and brightest peaks - of their souls.

Full Fathom Five, a novella by Peter A. Smalley, is a sweepin Civil War yarn of steam and sail, technology and truth - a thoughtful and thrilling tale combining the best of both Shakespeare and Steampunk.

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