Thursday, July 21, 2011

What I'm Up To (Peter A. Smalley Edition)

If anyone had ever sat me down and told me the terrible truth about how much stuff authors do that does not involve actual writing, I might have reconsidered becoming one.

Here's what I have cooking on the front burner:
  • Soliciting submissions for a Pulp Fantasy anthologie
  • Editing submissions for a Pulp Fantasy anthologie
  • Mental drafting of contributions for a Pulp Fantasy anthologie
  • Adapting a new cover for the hardcopy edition of Grimme
  • Engaging new contacts and audiences via Social Media (FaceBook, Twitter, G+)
  • Looking for likely reviewers, and likely things to review, for this blog
Oh yes. I'm also writing a Paranormal Romance called Disbelief. It's mostly done, but I keep having to pause for, uh, station identification. Professional hazard.

That's the short version. There's a longer version but it involves things that make it look less like I know what I'm doing - which is so far from the truth you couldn't find it on a clear night with a guidebook and a telescope - so I'll end it here.

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