Friday, July 22, 2011

Borders' Unfortunate Demise

I was going to use the word "sad" instead of "unfortunate," but I'm not actually very sad.  Borders was never a go-to store for me; briefly in the mid-90s I shopped in one branch for a while, but it did not impress me greatly, and I didn't ever go to it after it became more than a one block walk from my transfer spot in Downtown Seattle.  Still, it is unfortunate that a chain of 600 stores a year ago, employing 14000 or so people then, and still almost 11000 now, is going out of business.  Slate has a nice article that explains some of the major reasons why, although I think it's not comprehensive or anything.  Minor reasons are the need to pay sales tax (avoided by Amazon, and if you think it's not much, add 5-10% to all Amazon prices and then reassess); and becoming too similar to Barnes and Noble, their major competition, and thus losing much brand loyalty.  But maybe that last was just my observation.

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