Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday evening, all is noisy.

Well, if you lived near me, they would be, apparently.

I wanted to ask the people, while I'm at it, what do you listen to when you write/edit? Are you a music-makes-the-soul-stir kind of person? Or more into the silence-is-golden idea?

Me? Silence. Oh, blessed silence...I must have it, and the summer cannot be over fast enough so that my neighbors will close their windows and silence themselves once more. Is that horrible? I suspect that on some level it is a little evil, but I find that just a smudge of evil is good for the balance of the psyche.

When I edit I want nothing to distract me from my mission, which is to engross myself in a tale so that I can find the imperfections, and noise of any kind is pollution to that process. I don't often have music on at all, but most especially when I'm editing. I find myself singing along, or getting lost in the song and that can't ever end well for the story I'm editing, because I *have* found myself typing lyrics instead of the comment or correction I had intended to make.

Transcription services are available only when I'm editing, apparently. Available now for only a small additional fee!

So tell me, dear readers, what do you listen to most when you're writing? Do you have a playlist worked up? What's on it?

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