Friday, July 29, 2011

Not very likely, but...

I don't actually believe this rumor at all; there's no reason for Apple to get into the paper book business, and the Nook ebook library isn't compatible with the iBook system in the main (Apple requires ISBNs and most of the ebooks on Nook that aren't on iBooks don't have ISBNs).  And why would they take over a brick and mortar company that has nothing to do with their core business?  Of course, they do have more money than God. Or the Devil, being as that's what so many think the US Government is, but that's another post.  Another blog, probably.

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  1. The husband and I were talking about this very thing earlier - I said it is probably much like the "Amazon is going to buy Netflix" rumors that sailed through the air every year or so while I worked at NF. I don't see how Apple could convert a B&N store (ours, locally, are vast compared to the Apple store the husband works in), much less what the point is, beyond acquiring hard copy of books - whomever does the ebook contracting for Nook would probably NOT just roll over and assume the position for Apple to convert whatever isn't in iBooks immediately anyway, so that wouldn't necessarily even be a reason. Plus, Apple could just BUY store acreage that large if it wanted, since it has more money than cod!