Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jenna Huffman, Editrix, come on down!

We've asked, and she's consented, and as a result, our resident Editrix Jenna Huffman will actually be resident.  She's going to become a regular member of the KP Blog team, posting about this, that and/or the other thing as her fancy is caught, but mainly, we think and hope, on editing.  We're going to start (hopefully) a semi-regular feature where Jenna will address various editing issues and concerns, called Dear Editrix. So if you're a writer, or just interested in writing, and have an editricial question of a general nature, you should send it on in, either as a comment to this post (or Jenna's wonderful editorial post of yesterday) or to Jenna directly, jjh.edits@gmail.com. Please put Dear Editrix in the subject line so Jenna knows that it's a query for this blog.

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