Friday, August 26, 2011

The Door and the Whale: A 20,001 Teaser

Our next anthologie submission takes us far from the ocean, into the endless wastes of a forgotten desert - or does it?

The Door and the Whale, by David Church Rodriguez

Lord Saltermont's quixotic expedition into the barren Thar Desert of India was an object of scorn and derision - but when his scouts locate the mysterious Door that he has long sought signs of, he knows that he is on the brink of a discovery that will change the world. But what is the strange silvery whale-ship that lies outside the Door? What does the deranged stranger they find know? And will Saltermont's party survive to share what they've learned? Find out in this tale of the unexpected by author David Church Rodriguez!


  1. The font you are using on this page is extremely difficult to read. If it were printed it would look like the machine that is almost out of ink.

  2. Hmmm...not when I look at it. But I'll tinker and try to make it darker?

  3. Same here on the bad fonts. I've accessed it from Chrome, Firefox, and IE 8. They all show some serious signs of "goofy fontness" (On my Windows 7 box). On my XP box, everything looks good until I use Chrome. You may be using a "system font" from windows instead of a common web font. Also, for a split second on load it shows alright (Chorme). There may be a css setting awry.

  4. Simplified the font to a default choice, instead of one of the weirdies. Does it read better?