Monday, August 22, 2011


The excitement grows here in Kindling Press land. Peter and I are working like madmen at getting an anthology up to snuff. We've got 10?11? contributions to the nautically Steampunk collection 20001: A Steampunk Odyssey to put through rounds of edits. I'm thinking we're doing something wrong, though. We're doing rounds and rounds of edits, and from what I can gather, that's not often the way of it. I am picking at some serious nits here. And we haven't even sent stuff to the copy editor yet. But I think the product is getting better and better and better, and that's the important thing. Well, that and getting it done on time (it's supposed to go live as an eBook on or around the 14th of September. Make a note.)

But that's not all. I'm also getting ready my next individual effort, a novella called Last Days of Atlantis. I've got a cover; I've got a document that's being looked over; I've got a plan to put it up tomorrow. Or Wednesday at the latest. So there's that.

But biggest and (to me) best of all, I've got a book with an editor, and it's going to an acquisitions meeting at a publisher this week, and if they like it, I get a contract. Which is superior, really, to What Has Gone Before. I'm very pleased, and pretty full of anticipation.

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