Thursday, October 11, 2012

An even better idea

AUTHOR LIFE. It ain't all fast keys and fly writer groupies, coz.

Check this out. You got a great idea for a book, I mean War and Peace great, you feel me? You work that idea, work it hard, write your characters and get all their voices down solid, know their motives and tragedies and whatever. Then you work the plot over, polishing it until it shines like Patrick Stewart's shiny bald head. Dat plot arc be lookin' like a population graph, all exponential curves shootin' up to the sky. You got dramatic tension comin' out yo ears. This book gonna sell like it was hotcakes on fire and you can't wait to get that sucka done and onna shelf. You be workin' it all day and dreamin' it all night.

Just one problem. All the while you be workin' like a dog on this book, yo head be the thing on fire - tellin' you all about an even better idea for another story. That's what it means to live the Author Life, yo.

More straight tales later. I gotta get to typin. 'Cause writin' ain't easy, and nobody chooses the Author Life - the Author Life chooses them.


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