Friday, October 12, 2012

Ain't gonna be no crumpets and tea

Ain't gonna be no crumpets and tea, coz.

Writin' ain't easy. Ain't gonna get no easier neither. Always gonna be hard. Always gonna be a struggle. Live that. Breathe it. Write it down, then go back and write it down better. You do that, you get better, you figure things out, you try new genres and new POVs and your protagonist makes Job look like he had it easy. You write novels, sell a few, people give 'em five star reviews and interview you like you know what you doin'.

And you still gonna feel like you writin' on the ragged edge of disaster. Every day, every word.

Don't be afraid to feel that - it means you're doin' it right. If you feel safe, if you feel comfortable then you ain't pushin' and you ain't bleedin' the words out onto the page. Look at your forearm and see where you stuck that pen in, over an' over an' over, until all those words bled out and made a picture that moved somebody to tears, or rage, or lust. Words so sharp and pointed they cut through the dead wood and got down to the real thing, the pick fence or the gutter or the highrise or wherever we live, and made us feel.

Once you got that feelin' - once you know you writin' on the ragged edge of disaster, that's when you know you livin' the Author Life.


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